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Strong, Smart, Caring, Giving, Surviving, Tolerant and Powerful was Marsha Janet Williams-Johnson, a beautiful, unique, kind, and loving lady. Her life’s journey began on Saturday, 21st April 1956. It was the era of “children should be seen and not heard.” She went to high school at Highbury High (which later became the R. M. Bailey High School).

She was blessed with 3 wonderful sons and it was always her dream as it is with most women, to be joined in Holy Matrimony to their knight in shining armor. That dream was realized when she met and married David Andrew “Papa J” Johnson on August 13, 2005.

She had a life-long love affair with butter pecan ice cream and especially fruit cake, which she often secretly hid as pirate’s treasure to consume many weeks later. She took fashion cues from no one. Her signature everyday look belonged only to her and as a point of pride, she daily wrote down in her notepad to remember, every outfit she wore at work and church.

Marsha was sufficiently ambitious, determined, and gifted and there was practically nothing she couldn’t do. She pushed through whatever sense of guilt may be put on her by herself or others, and instead chose to do what’s best for her family.

About Us

Aunty Mar for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving women's health across The Bahamas through every life stage.

We work in public health, research, clinical services and policy. We pride ourselves on producing practical and easy-to-understand information for women and for health professionals. We do this by translating research and medical evidence, delivered in many ways to suit our diverse audiences.

The Matriarch

Marsha took on the extraordinary, challenging, but rewarding role as home-maker, when her mother (Elizabeth “Betty” Louise Williams) predeceased her on December 4th, 1972. Supported by her elder brother, she was able to balance two jobs, evening school, raising her sons and six younger siblings in a pure atmosphere of love and sacrifice.

Marsha was a role model to women; a tower of strength to men and her children and siblings called her “Blessed.”

The Legend

Marsha Johnson

Marsha’s life at home, church, and work, speaks to the legacy of an amazing woman and loving matriarch. However, the love for her Lord and Master was unprecedented as she became involved in every aspect of church ministry. Her job experience commenced January 1, 1973 and includes the Balmoral Beach, Ambassador Beach, Ocean Club, and the Radisson Cable Beach Hotels and ended at the Melia Hotel. She began as a linen clerk, held several managerial positions, and concluded her invaluable lifetime contribution to the Bahamian tourism industry as an accounts payable clerk.

Her husband called her ‘Sweet Girl
Her sons called her ‘Chief
Her siblings and sisters-in-law called her ‘Sis
Her nieces and nephews called her ‘Aunty Mar
Her friends called her ‘Mar

Her church family called her ‘Sister Marsha
Her daughters-in-law called her ‘Mum‘ or ‘Ma
Her grandson called her ‘Grammy
Her stepdaughters/grandchildren called her ‘Grammy Marsha


On Saturday, 13th September 2014, her LORD and MASTER called her ‘MY CHILD!’

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