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Asking for Advice from Experts

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Smart couples are always asking for advice. Do you remember when your mother asked, “Do you want a piece of advice?” If you can afford to get financial advice from an expert, you probably should. Even if you do not think you can afford it, you should still think about doing it because it can be quite beneficial.

Asking for advice can show your seriousness about an issue. It shows you have a specific goal in mind. Advice is actionable and comes with facts or personal experience. So, you get exactly what you need to improve yourself for the future.

Some banks and financial institutions offer their members free financial advice as do local community colleges and organizations.

Benefits of Asking for Advice

By allowing others to contribute their knowledge and resources, asking for advice fosters relationships by demonstrating your trust in their opinions, confidence in their abilities, and appreciation for their recommendations. By seeking advice, you open yourself up to new insights and perhaps even different perspectives.

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Asking for Advice Before Marriage

Perhaps the best time to get financial advice in your life is before marriage. The main reason is that if you both go to a professional before marriage, you can get on the same page from the beginning. This will avoid problems later. It might also open both your eyes to your differences and where you really stand financially.

Before Child Birth

While most people tend to have kids without much thought to their financial future the fact is, kids are expensive. It is imperative to get some advice from an expert before having a child so that you can make sure you’re ready to live up to the responsibility in the way you believe you should.

After Child Birth

Once you have a child, it’s important to have someone go over your finances and remind you of the things to come regarding your child’s care. For example, sports, tutoring, and health insurance, as well as who will care for your child if you aren’t here.

Starting A New Job

If you are a college graduate and finally nabbed your first job, this is a great time to seek help from a financial advisor. If you start budgeting today and saving properly, you will set yourself up for a much better future.

When You Get a Salary Increase

Anytime you get a raise, take the time to talk to your financial advisor. Ascertain if there is something you can do with the pay increase that makes more sense than spending it. If you are already meeting your needs, you may want to put the extra funds away for the future or add more to your student loan debt to get it paid off faster.

Asking for Advice Before Home Ownership

If you are planning to buy a house or make any big expenditure, it is a great time to see your financial advisor. They may give you advice that buying a house now is a good idea or a bad idea. It will depend on many factors but having the advice of an expert can help you make better choices.

When Your Wealth Changes

If you get a huge raise, get an inheritance, or win the lottery seeking help from a financial advisor can make all the difference. You want to improve your ability to hang on to the windfall or manage the new wealth in a way that makes it last.

Future Financial Planning is Too Emotional

If trying to plan your financial future is too stressful for you, your spouse, or your partner, then find a way to get help. Having an advisor who is not personally invested in your emotional life, can help weed out the problems, fix your financial situation, and lower the incidents of fights.

When You’re 20 Years from Retirement

Get some help when you are at least 20 years out from retirement to ensure that you are on the right track. Then you should probably get more advice each year after that to ensure that things are working out and going in the right direction.

Right Before Retirement

Before you hand in your retirement notice, check with your financial advisor first to make sure that you really can do without your income comfortably.

The Art of Asking for Advice

Make it a regular part of your life to periodically seek financial advice from experts. This will ensure that you are still on the right path and making the best choices. Hence, you will be much more likely to reach your goals.

However, keep in mind that no financial advice can replace the education you get about finances yourself. That is why it is so important to become a lifelong learner. Therefore, never turn it over to someone else entirely.

The Best Pieces of Life Advice I Have Ever Received

  • Model the Masters – Find A Mentor
  • The Secret to Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.
  • Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.
  • Nothing Comes to A Sleeper but A Dream
  • Save A Portion of Your Earnings and Avoid Credit Card Debt.
  • If you don’t like how things are, change it.
  • Either you run the day or the day runs you.
  • Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.

Get advice. However, learn to do things on your own so that you can make truly good choices for your individual situation.

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