Embrace the Past

How The Past Can Help Guide Your Future

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Isn’t it time that you accept the past, embrace the future, and live in the present?

Mary was a young social worker who was stuck in a rut. Even though she found her current job fulfilling she felt like she wasn’t making a true impact.

One day, while volunteering at a museum, she stumbled across a display of ancient artifacts from her ancestors. The stories of their struggles and achievements captivated her and sparked her inquisitiveness.

She learned that her ancestors had faced many of the same injustices that people are still fighting today. With this newfound knowledge, Mary realized how important it was for her to take action for the good of future generations.

Mary began researching ways to get involved in the fight for social justice and ended up joining a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing inequality. She was thrilled to have found a cause to pour her passion into and she knew that by connecting with the past she could help make a positive impact in the future.

Mary knew that even small actions can add up to big changes and it was from her research into her family history that she found the courage to make a difference. She always remembered the importance of looking to the past for inspiration and guidance when approaching the future.

Make Peace With Your Past

Have you ever been told to stop living in the past? People will often say this in an attempt to provide encouraging advice about moving on with your life. It sounds easy, but is it? 

Although it sounds easy enough, it can be very difficult, especially if there are deep-seated reasons behind living in the past. Significant past experiences and memories, such as the death of a loved one, a painful breakup, traumatic childhood, etc., can be contributing factors as to why you can’t simply and easily move on with life.

Possibly though, you may be holding on to things that are no longer relevant.

If you can’t let go of the past, you won’t be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the present. The hardest part of any change is making the decision and starting. 

The first step is some quiet and healthy self-reflection.

Pause for a while and contemplate on your current life and its associated feelings, compared to what they could be. Without your active effort, things may improve, terribly slowly. You can take action and make space for a new happier life.

Here’s how to move forward.

Ways to Effectively Let Go of The Past

Focus On The Present — Focus, Focus, Focus.

Stop reliving the past and move on. No matter what you do, you can’t undo or remake the past, no matter how much you wish. Rather, what you can do is to make the present day the best. Live as if it’s your last. You will have less time to think about the past if you actively focus on the present.

If you are too fixated on previous negative happenings, there will be no room for positivity. This is entirely a choice you can and have to make – whether to continue hurting yourself or to embrace the new day, potentially full of joy.

Decide To Let It All Go, And Do This With Conviction.

To make it work, commit yourself to “move on” and “let it go.” If you don’t, things will continue to go in circles, and could end you up getting stuck in the past, again. Make a decision that will empower you and your future, commit to it, and act.

Make Room For Forgiveness.

It may be hard to forget what has happened in the past and the bad behaviors of the people involved in it. Getting past resentment and forgiving others is a vital step. More to the point, you need the healing that forgiving another brings.

Forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with what they did. You can recognize that they did wrong, or badly, yet still forgive them anyway. It’s definitely not a sign of weakness if you do so. It’s confirmation that you want to move on with life and welcome any joy the present moment brings.

Physically Distance Yourself.

Don’t remain attached to an environment (including people) that keeps you trapped in your current circumstances and mindset. It is emotionally healthy to distance yourself from a situation or individual that is causing you to be depressed. Psychological or physical distance can help with the “letting go” process by virtue of not being constantly reminded of anything that hinders your progress.

Acceptance Is The Key.

Accepting your past experiences and the people that have been part of it will help you in moving on. You must remember that none of these need to define who you are. Practice the art of acceptance, remake yourself, and set yourself free. 

Be Accountable For Your Own Happiness.

Your feelings are yours alone; you can’t blame someone for them. If you do, you’re allowing someone to completely take over you, at least emotionally. You will feel a huge sense of happiness and empowerment once you take responsibility for your feelings and emotions. Your attitude plays a bigger role in this than any external elements.

Evaluate Your Emotions.

When assessing your emotions, you need to know what are they bringing to you. Reminisce if there are happy, positive thoughts there. But if dredging the past causes negativity that will adversely affect your here and now, don’t dwell on it. Replace it with a better thought.

Make Some Contributions.

Going the extra mile to help others can make you feel warm and happy on the inside. It is one of the best ways to align with the real you. Brighten yours, and another’s day by offering a smile, saying a simple hello, or giving a donation to a worthwhile cause. These simple acts of kindness can help you set your perspective on a brighter path and can have a lasting impact on others and yourself.

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Accept the Past

In the past, many of us can recall observations that at first glance, may not seem to be relevant to our current situation. But if we take a step back, it is quite possible that the past can provide meaningful direction that can help guide us in creating a great life!

It is true that for anyone, the past can act as a sort of bedrock upon which to build a foundation for one’s present and future. Of course, it is important to remember that each past experience was unique and can’t be directly transferred to the current day-to-day. However, combing through our memories can provide insight and understanding into the way we make decisions and think.

One way that the past can be beneficial in moving forward is by recognizing patterns or behaviors that have not worked in the past and being wise enough to avoid them in the future. It can also be useful to identify and acknowledge past achievements that can be built upon. Such positive memories can help boost confidence and provide an optimistic view of the present.

Embrace the Future

The past can also be a predictor of the future. Looking back over what has come before, you can get an idea of how things might play out in the future. This can be critical when making important decisions, such as taking a new job, buying a new home, and opening a business. Exercising caution and understanding how life events have played out in the past can help lead to a more successful present and future.

The key is to look at the past objectively and accept it for what it was. Don’t dwell on the negative, contrast that with the good, and focus on the best traits and attributes that have served you well. As you look towards the future, be mindful of what has and has not worked in the past, and take those lessons forward with you. That mindset can bring clarity and purpose to our lives, and help us create the life we desire.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that the past can provide essential guidance for our future plans. By understanding our successes and failures, we can obtain invaluable insights into our strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify useful strategies that can be applied to improve our decision-making and the results achieved. Furthermore, we can acknowledge our mistakes and use past knowledge to improve our current circumstances and achieve our future goals.

So, are you living in the past? Stop and start making your future brighter! Hopefully, this article can help you with your “moving on” phase. Any effort you make will all be worth it. You can do it – cheers to a brighter present and future.

About The Author

About The Author

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