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The Vision was launched in 2021 and is the official website of Marsha Williams-Johnson (1956-2014). As our family’s matriarch, she was the foremost authority on success, a respected philosopher and a recognized legend in the fields of service above self, personal sacrifice and love.

The site is dedicated to preserving Marsha Williams-Johnson’s remarkable legacy and serving the sizeable community of single mothers, stay-at-home-moms, and cancer survivors her popular and timeless health and wellness philosophies have attracted. In addition to featuring exclusive content, the site offers life-changing resources from Marsha Williams-Johnson, including her top-selling eBooks, digital downloads, and more. Discover new ways to develop better health habits, manage your time, set goals, stay motivated, inspire your friends, invigorate your health and vitality, improve your finances, balance work and family, find your passion, live the life of your dreams or make a difference in other people’s lives. is operated by Ricardo Newbold, the visionary behind Funntripps Academy and FUNNTRIPPS, and is part of the McNew Group network of websites that includes and

Dream - Struggle - Victory

Marsha Johnson

Her Story

Marsha Williams-Johnson was a phenomenal, hardworking woman and indeed a loving mother. She was the quintessential giver, an awesome cook and was endeared by all in our family. She sacrificed her entire life to make sure that we were provided and cared for in our house. Keeping her beliefs and the traditions she loved alive is our way of honouring our mother. We’ll do the following:  

Tell Her Stories

Recalling our favorite stories — the ones that really showcase who Aunty Mar was. Sharing them out loud can be a great way to honour our mother. It means that those memories live on within us and also in the hearts and minds of those we share them with.

Marsha Johnson
Family Travel

Travel, Travel, Travel

Although a single mother, our mom loved to travel with her kids and family. We’ll do all that’s possible to encourage and assist our readers, particularly single mothers with kids to travel via our tips and strategies.

Promote Cancer Awareness

We’ll educate people about the key risk factors, since more than 30% of cancer cases could be prevented by modifying lifestyle or avoiding the risk factors. Inform people about the importance of regular screening and check-ups. Inform women about mammograms, clinical breast exam and breast self-exam.

Marsha Johnson
Making A Difference

Make A Difference

Our mother showed us how to become the hero of our own tale. So, we decided that what we have to say matters. We decided what we have to give could make a difference. And we decided that we could make this world better. There will be a happy ending with – Covenant House Bahamas!

Our Team

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Marcian J. Williams

Customer Service Rep.

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Journaling As A Daily Practice

Journaling is known to be an effective tool for self-growth and happiness. Journaling is used across the world as a healthy daily practice. With this report & planner, you will discover how journaling as a daily practice helps with personal growth and all its many benefits!

Breast Health

The Art of Self-Care

If you’re looking to live a happier, more satisfying life, self-care is important. Within this report, you’ll discover why self-care is so important and how you can stay motivated to incorporate it into your daily life.  Simply use the suggestions in this short eBook to help improve your self-care and lifestyle, so you can achieve your goals and live a more prosperous, fulfilling and satisfying life.